Daily Marketing Coach Presents LinkedIn Webinar Replay

Daily Marketing Coach Presents LinkedIn Webinar ReplayDaily Marketing Coach Presents LinkedIn Webinar Replay for those that were not able to attend the live webinar.

The webinar was hosted by  Ann Sieg and the presenter was Dave Drimmie.   Dave revealed how to build your business and generate a new stream of prospects using the premier built-for-business social network?

Your schedule my not have allowed you to attend.   Well, you are luckily!

It was recorded and Daily Marketing Coach has put it up on a special page…. so go check it out now while it’s available because it will be taken down shortly (and find out how to take advantage of an incredible offer)… Read More→

Blogging Simplified Live

Blogging Simplified LiveBlogging Simplified Live is about to launch the next Course starting on March 23rd at 3 pm EST to the new Members in Group 2.

Whether you have a home based business, you’re an independent contractor or you are a small business owner, you need to have an online presence.

WordPress.org is the platform you want to use and Blogging Simplified Live is the step by step Live Course to guide you through the process. Read More→

LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn WebinarLinkedIn Webinar scheduled for Thursday, March 21st at 9:00 pm EST….mark your calendar!

Ann Sieg will be hosting a webinar with Dave Drimmie on how to generate leads and turn them into sales and business partners on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Webinar With Ann Sieg And Dave Drimmie

LinkedIn isn’t a place just for corporate networking anymore.

In fact, LinkedIn has exploded from 37 million to 200 million+ users in just the past couple years and is now attracting audiences from every profession and industry.    So, if you think generating leads on LinkedIn is a cool topic, and a method you’d like to learn more about, get registered here:  LinkedIn Webinar

As I mentioned above, Ann Sieg will be hosting this LinkedIn Webinar with noted LinkedIn expert, Dave Drimmie. Dave will be showing you 7 steps for generating high quality leads, relationships, sales and partnerships through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Webinar – 7 Steps To Generate Leads On LinkedIn

Here’s what you will learn on this LinkedIn Webinar:

– How Dave’s business increased its revenue by 223% just through LinkedIn

– A 7 step process for creating massive profits and sales with LinkedIn

– Understanding the unique mindset of LinkedIn’s community, and what it takes to build a brand there.

– Why your business should be on LinkedIn (both the obvious and not-so obvious) -Re-establishing your LinkedIn network

– Unique methods to generate leads with the advanced people search and geo-targeting tool

– Important keys for developing relationships, engaging with others, and attracting leads unique to LinkedIn

– How to build your business city-by-city and arrange face-to-face meetings with high caliber prospects

– 10 LinkedIn do’s and don’ts

LinkedIn Webinar – Register Now

This webinar will max out so make sure you register and show up a few minutes early!

Register now: http://marshagodwin.webinar-meetings.com/MTMwMzA1

I look forward to hearing your thoughts after the LinkedIn Webinar!


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Easy Video Suite

Easy Video SuiteEasy Video Suite is in pre-launch from January 8th – 14th with a full launch scheduled for January 15, 2013.  I have seen a preview of this product and it is amazing!   It will totally reinvent how Video Marketing is done.

This is an all in one video marketing platform developed by Josh Bartlett.  Josh is the creator of the wildly popular Easy Video Player which launched a couple of years ago.  EVS will work on both a PC and Mac and it quite possibly will to the only tool you need to record, edit, publish, market and track!  Along with the drag and drop functionality Easy Video Suite will make this product a winner for beginner and Pro video marketers. Read More→

Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer

Daily Marketing Coach Certified TrainerDaily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer Marsha Godwin participates in webinars, conducts training webinars, coaches team members, is a presenters at events and contributes to the Daily Marketing Coach Facebook Page. Read More→

Daily Marketing Coach Training

Daily Marketing Coach TrainingDaily Marketing Coach Training is a vital component of the Daily Marketing Coach along with our Facebook Community Page, the newsletter, ongoing webinars, group coaching and mentoring and so much more.   Each member of the community can move through the step by step training at their own pace while support by a team environment.

As a Certified Trainer for the Daily Marketing Coach, I have seen people move through the training and coaching and move their online business towards success.   So many people struggle with the learning curve of  trying to build a business online.  And, to try to go it along just extends the learning curve. Read More→

YouTube PPC Goldmine Webinar

YouTube PPC Goldmine WebinarYouTube PPC Goldmine Webinar  is being offered on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm EST by Daily Marketing Coach.   This free webinar is being presented by Industry Leader Ann Sieg and Industry PPC expert Rich Hazlett

Rich is going to show how to get volumes of  super high quality visitors and leads through pay-per-click ads using YouTube which is the 2ns largest search engine in the world.  Rich will be revealing one of the best kept traffic secrets in the industry.   To Register for this webinar click here:  YouTube PPC Goldmine Webinar! Read More→